Florida Faith and Works Coalition is simply a registry for Christian Bible Believing Pastors and volunteers in the state of Florida that agree with the mission statement on the floridafaithworks.org web home page and the statements contained in both the "pastor signup" and the "sign our proclamation" buttons (on the left side of the home page).

Our purpose is to serve as an information channel as well as a unifying tool for the various para-church ministries who are all performing valuable services but, unfortunately in some cases, may not be coordinating with each other. Actually, the old adage - United We Stand, Divided We Fall - describes our entire objective.

As a benefit to pastors, we plan to make available a variety of preaching/teaching/resource material to be used (or not) any way they see fit.

Here is a partial listing of various resources and ministries with which we will be working:

  • Pastor Rick Scarborough - Vision America
  • Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel
  • John Stemberger - Florida Family Policy Council
  • Sue Trombino - Women Impacting The Nation (WIN)
  • Bill Johnson - American Decency Associaition
  • Sara Leon - Christian Coalition of South Florida
  • Terri Johannessen - Concerned Women for America of Florida
  • Steve Ensley - American Family Online
  • Etc.

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